Wake up and reconnect with who you truly are using Light Dynamics.

HI there beautiful being, Welcome to my website!

I feel I am using this as a medium to reach mass- consciousness, sharing my thoughts, experiences and feelings with you, as a way of expressing myself and allowing you, the reader to heal and create new perspectives on issues that you are currently facing . I am excited to finally share with you a project I have worked on this year- my ‘Light the Love’ healing candle range which you can find on my online shop! They are super gorgeous and smell incredible!

I have an Arts degree, a Dip. in Social Welfare and Cert IV in PKP Kinesiology .
I work with Light Dynamics healing to allow my clients to reconnect and create positive shifts within themselves, therefore empowering themselves to tackle challenges with ease and grace. I also use Kinesiology, crystals healings and card readings and other tools to help my clients reach their full potential.
I am a professional member of:
International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT)

You can find me on Facebook as Light Synergy and receive regular updates 🙂

Love and Light, Jade Moldovanthanks

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Emotional Pain – Physical Response

This is just a very brief but important link that I am sharing of the meaning behind ongoing pain!

Pain is usually caused due to underlying issues that have not been dealt with and as a bi-product of that it manifests into the physical form as a last resort to understand and release those emotions and issues. These physical symptoms are energetic blockages.

Why am I telling you this?                                                                         pain chart

Kinesiology and energy healings are a GREAT way to find and work through the energy imbalances by working with the body (vessel), addressing these issues, asking specific questions and muscle testing to find the exact underlying core issue and then with fancy and fun techniques and awareness shift and improve the energy balance within the body and the  physical pain should dissipate and you can get back to living a full-filled life with a smile 😀

No medication, x-rays or intense counseling – Just enough awareness and vibration shifting to release the blockage with ease and grace!

Check out the link below to find out more .

Change your circumstances,  email me to book a session.

Love and Light J x


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